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In Fall 2018, I joined the faculty of Francis Marion University as an Assistant Professor of Physics.

In Fall 2022, I am teaching

  • Computational Methods for Physics and Engineering (PHYS 220)
  • Advanced Computational Physics (PHYS 406)
  • Quantum Mechanics (PHYS 401)
  • University Life (UNIV 101)

Please check here for course syllabi and other information!

Electron localization function of KCuF3
Electron localization function of KCuF3


As a computational materials physicist, I use and create computer codes of a wide range of complexities to understand the surprising world of electrons and nuclei. Much of my work uses “computerized experiments” based on density functional theory to study how the atomic structure of matter gives rise to interesting and hopefully useful electronic and magnetic properties.


In addition to my computational research in materials physics, I am interested in developing pedagogical and interactive simulations of concepts and models from across the physics curriculum and beyond.